Thursday, September 30, 2010

Being an Extraordinaire...

Written by Jordan Ramirez* - VYLH-Philippines Dumaguete City

“I never thought my life would become somewhat like an extraordinaire”.

It was once a drizzly day when a friend of mine messaged me about a camp to be held in Cebu. An unadorned message, I should say. Perhaps, I wasn’t really fascinated with the message that without more ado, I got out from my inbox and went back to the main screen of my phone.

My life by then was, if truth be told, busy that I even got only an hour or three for sleeping. And Yes! You’ve heard it right, an hour or three per day. I’ve spent a third of my day at school and eight hours for my hospital duty. As an Accountancy student, devotion of time is a must for you to give. It took me scarcely to cope up with my assignments and exams since accounting is not that easy to surpass, not at all (sighs). And I could not just simply afford the privation I’ve had to be turned out to zilch. So I have to toil hard to pass my course. After which, I do an 8-hour voluntary work at Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital which is in line to my previous course. A strenuous work it is! Needless to mention, it is a government hospital so a lot of get-up-and-go has to be vested for this work for it to be well thought-out as an efficient one. Added to it, is an online job which engrosses critical thinking since I do article writing. I sleep at 3:00 A.M and wake up at 6:00 in the morning. Sometimes, I go into deep contemplation and ask myself ‘why I have to do these when in fact I could make life simple?”. Well then, it’s hard to be left with options which are all imperative to yourself, so hard to just drop one among them. I may know my limits, but then I have to go afar to what has been expected from me. And up to this instance, I am still doing these stuffs. I could hardly believe I’m such a jerk! Bottom line is—time management.